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Is Fancy Pinterest +1

Is Fancy pinterest +1

it is fair to say that the new fancy app has impressed me. especially the latest version it simple effective and i have founded immensely fun to use. the description written by fancy( fancy is for curators of style, its part blog,part magazine and part bookmarking tool. Its a place to discover great stuff to create a collection of things that define your style to create a museum of you.
we built it because we love to show the things we have and to window-shop for things we admire.

the hybrid approach to the app is pinterest based but this hybrid app seems to be much more advanced in terms of the sale’s side of thing it not only enables the user to see the high quality pictures but if its for sale in the corner there is a price tag enabling in a subtle way the user to gain access to thousands of different products brands and designers worldwide this is one of fancy’s strongest points.

another key factor in why i think Fancy is pinterest +1’d is because if there is a picture you only need to click the image twice and you go directly to the website. its super fast and efficient. and with the built in social networking features like linking with Facebook and twitter its easy to control if you want things posted or not i personally have the push notifications active as their is a real sense of community and group interaction on fancy

the equivalent of a Facebook like or google+1 is simple if you like an item/picture you simply click the Fancy button and it then becomes Fancy’d
a sweet simple app with an extremely tasteful layout. and with no official pinterest app as of yet for iPad and a mediocre one for iPhone Fancy has a real chance to compete with pinterest and I’m certain is one to watch

not knocking pinterest as i think is a great platform but at the moment fancy has won me over

many thanks for reading




1st experience with IPad

Just a quick update on friday the 18th of may it was my 18th birthday 🙂 and i was lucky enough to receive a apple iPad 2 however it didn’t get delivered until the 20th of may (typical). anyway this was my first apple product since the iPod which truth be told i really wasn’t that blown away with. the main reason i wanted an iPad was because after starting my pre-apprenticeship course in social media i had to lug around my laptop and its charger case and a fair amount of paper work. i also had to carry around a separate bag with my other belongings in. and it was becoming a pain in the bum. especially when i had to go birmingham for 2days. i can safely say the iPad 2 blew me away my windows laptop is noisy fairly slow heavy bulky and requires a huge power brick charger. But no more for the iPad has saved me from this it super fast lightweight and only requires a usb plug and cable to charge this = Happy Me. Aside from this the amount of relevant apps regarding social media and productivity was astound and the best thing their all high quality. I cant wait to start my full time apprenticeship and really push the iPad to its limits

thanks from James


Update 16/05/2012

Brum again today @ leicester chamber of commerce with noel tomorrow to do employability

Update 16/05/2012

Brum again today @ leicester chamber of commerce with noel tomorrow to do employability

Update 12/05/2012

Got an Employer engagement day on Monday 14th may pretty excited.

also going birmingham twice next week on 15th and 16th to finish off my Btec

Back with a Vengeance

Back with a Vengeance

Avengers assemble

You cant say your a movie fan until you have seen this movie?

It is fair to say this movie is being regarded the best comic movie ever. it has something for everyone hulk fans iron man wannabes Thor fanatics captain America patriots. Don’t just take my word for it 95% of the audience on rottentomato say this film is a must also Sky movies say “the most Marvellous comic book team up of all time”

This film took £15.75m in the opening week in addition to this it smashed its way to the top of the box office. It is fair to say this film is a success and has created a major buzz in the film community it has 1,455,693 likes · 184,693 talking about this

 On twitter it hit a home run getting 86,937 followers

I would say if you like films such as wolverine fantastic four and the X-men this film will rock your socks off for sure

Here is a quick summary of what this films about


“Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) is director of S.H.I.E.L.D, an international peace keeping agency. The agency is a who’s who of Marvel Super Heroes, with Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When global security is threatened by Loki and his cohorts, Nick Fury and his team will need all their powers to save the world from disaster” IMDB


“you’ve never been so excited to see men in costumes”

Robert downy jr “the whole thing has been a great success”

Tom Hiddleston “Screen player was incredible”

The avengers assemble has drop down the hammers on its competitors making it an instant classic.

The films start studded cast includes the likes of Robert downy jr Samuel L Jackson and the stunning scarlet Johansson Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy renner.

 Nick fury

“What are you prepared to do”

 to see this movie

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