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Apple quietly quits claiming that its Mac OS X is virus proof

Apple quietly quits claiming that its Mac OS X is virus proof

Apple have quietly changed their view that the Mac OSX is virus proof its not the biggest announcement of the year but it is a more important one. apple used to say “It doesn’t get PC viruses” its been replaced by the statement “It is built to be safe” this decision comes only a couple of months after thousands of Apple Mac’s got infected with malware. However, the occurrence should hardly be surprising given the number of Mac’s Apple has sold.


-Fake meat: is science fiction on the verge of becoming fact? – Fake meat: is science fiction on the verge of becoming fact?.

Extremely strange indeed leave a comment and let me know what you think

personally im thinking its a bit too like something out of  mary shelley’s Frankenstein



Is this the new iPhone 5

Is this the new apple iPhone 5 ?


Microsoft surface price’s have been released

The prices for the newly announced microsoft surface tablets have been realeased and it will cost $599 (£383) for the entry level version and the high end package will be $999 (£640). apparently it the cheaper/earlier versions of the device will be wifi only rather like the ipad it will be a 3 tier system

also the app store is now in 155 countries worldwide

More Windows Phone 8 News

More on WP8 aka windows Apollo

Speaking to David prescod of Digital Marketing Mentor earlier about his views on the new WP8 operating system he had this to say “its, a great OS from a great company. They will no doubt eat into the Android market share as they have a loyal following. Android and Windows represent better value for money. Microsoft had 2 percent of the world’s smartphone market last quarter, according to Gartner. Google’s Android leads the market with 56 per cent, followed by Apple with 23 per cent. I think that it will be a while yet. In August Apple will launch its new OS to blow everyone out of the water and the Android will do the same again at Christmas. It is an evolution of innovation. Windows would take Android and Apple if they stood still. By now Google will have ripped apart Windows 8 and be working on the next version of its OS.”

In all fairness im in agreement with david the specs of the old wp7.5 devices was sub standard and some of the features being branded as new like a micro sd card slot have been around for ages now however.

Hot off the press windows phones will be using Snapdragon S4 Plus chipsets. Exclusively. Also smartphone giants HTC confirm their onboard with windows phone 8 just a few hours later 3 htc devices have been leaked the HTC RIO which an the entry level smartphone, the HTC ACCORD which is more of a  middle of the road device and  the HTC ZENITH which is top of the tree with all the bells and whistles rumor has it the HTC ZENITH could be a quad core smarthphone which will for sure turn some heads.

Windows Phone 8 Too Little Too Late !

windows phone 8 Too Little Too Late !

Just this week Microsoft have announced their new smartphone OS windows phone 8. being a windows phone owner i was bitterly disappointed as i will not be able to upgrade my lumia 800 from wp7.5 to 8 because none of the current devices running wp7.5 aka mango are compatible for the wp8 platform this has enraged many customers not only off Microsoft but nokia’s as well it would be fair to say that nokia’s windows phone are the most popular and most associated with the wp7.5 platform. it is very interesting that with alll this talk of Microsoft buying Nokia why Microsoft haven’t included Nokia’s flagship devices the lumia 800&900 is beyond most people and it appears to have sparked a fair bit of rage towards the two companies i personally I’m disappointed but i have heard stories of people extremely angered because they have bought their wp7.5 phones only weeks ago. i really have to sympathize with these people it simply not on. the only comfort current wp7.5 users get is the fact on june 27th we will get an upgrade to 7.8 but it is pretty much pointless its just a visual upgrade with a few mediocre extras to try and sweeten the deal however most people have seen through this and are not having any of it

More on the WP8 platform

its new features include the following compatibility fro games designed by havok big fish &zynga have already announced that draw free and words with friends will be definitely available on wp8 OS. the new OS is being embraced by Nokia Samsung and Huawei you may be wondering were is LG but they have announced that they are not going to focus on any windows phones in the near future but did say they will be working solely on android for the time being. on a more positive note the windows marketplace has reached 100,000 a pretty impressive achievement but just cause i know you want to know what the others have got its estimated android has 400,000 apps but the daddy is the apple istore with a massive 600,000 apps. Microsoft have said that WP8 has ” A State of the art Kernel which ensures Stability and Robustness” Microsoft also said that they will be “focusing on dual core processor’s integration first but in the future hope to have up to  64core compatibility” Microsoft have also promised that their devices will include removable storage in the form of micro sd format (not a particularly new concept). Microsoft also wanted to make the case that the new IE10 is 4x faster at processing javascript than previous versions WP8 will also feature support for the increasingly popular HTML5 script. the last 2 new features that WP8 boosts is NFC with a built in Wallet Microsoft are saying its better than googles take on the NFC wallet idea. the last feature is the main tile feature is being upgraded giving users the chance to fully customise their size colour and arrangement.

Download Festival 2012

It was fair to say the first two days of download were horrendous it rain’d for 2 days straight the wind was blowing and my tent was leaking. however come friday when the music started it has to be said it was simply amazing got to see one of my favourite bands Opeth who had travelled 12hours from stockholm sweden to play a 40 minute set at donnington. when Saturday came i was in for a real treat as the line up on the main stage was as i lay dying,Saxon,BVB,Trivium,Steel panther,Tenacious D,Biffy clyro and to finish off Metallica, it was just amazing saxon were on top form and played some classics trivium matched and beat their 2005 appearance (no easy task) they got more than 9 mosh pits going and really gave everything they had, steel panther were great adding the right amount of fun with searing guitar licks and crazy vocals, the D were as expected hilarious. i missed some of biffy clyro but what i heard was good moving on to Metallica they opend with some classics then moved on to the black album they then ended with some more epic tracks and i can make it short and sweet they were the best band for me and even though their was still another day left at the festival i knew nothing was going to beat seeing metallica they were on form and had the crowd going mental it was a surreal experience hearing 100,000 people sing nothing else matters. Come sunday i was hoping from mainstage to tent to second stage all day i got to see firewind edguy black label society megadeth soundgarden Sebastian bach and Black sabbath closed it was truly mind blowing a great variation of bands and i loved every second of it. 🙂






Rock in Rio live youtube concert

just woke up after getting to sleep at some ungodly hour i had the great pleasure to watch the Rock in Rio concert which was streamed live on youtube. it was a stunning event and the organisers had made sure the audio and video was of high quality indeed. it was a star studded event with every one giving great performances from the metal titans Metallica and Brazilian superstars sepulturer to Stevie wonder and James. but the band which absolutely Nailed it for me was The BOSS Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band even though we only got to see a 30 minute quota it was pretty amazing the boss came out with a mighty speech. And opened with ”spirit in the night” the crowd went crazy and needless to say so did my neighbours as i turned the speakers up just a bit to loud at 2 in the morning. a few songs in a my night just got +1 when the played “because the night” which is one of my absolute favourites. needless to say I’m all for using social media to power events like this